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Though laser and other skin treatments at Fab Skin Center can correct many problems, our advanced therapy is only part of the solution. To achieve an optimal improvement, the procedures done at the spa must be combined with a good daily regimen of therapeutic products.  In fact, consistent use of professional home care may account for as much as 40-50% of your overall result.


A regular facial from a highly experienced esthetician is an important part of your beauty routine, but it has to be followed up with good home care. Facials promote clean, clear beautiful skin through deep cleansing and a treatment that addresses your specific skin type. Home skin care keeps your skin looking good between treatments.






 Is your skincare taking the right care of your skin?  The health and well-being of                   your skin depends on a proper skincare regimen that addresses your specific needs. 

 GLO SKIN BEAUTY (formerly glominerals/glotherapeutics)



Home care Regimen is Important to Maintain Healthy Skin

  Basics Home Care Program

An Investment in good skin care products results

          in great skin


                               The following five categories are the basic building blocks of a good home care regimen:


                                         *CLEANSERS are the first step in any skin care program

                                         * EXFOLIANTing is the second step is exfoliation it helps to increase cell turnover

                                         * RETINOIDS help to normalize skin cell growth

                                         * Sun Protection prevents premature aging, abnormal pigmentation, and skin cancer

                                         * Moisturizer is to help keep your skin hydrated and supple




               Glo Theraputics Medical  Grade Skin Care Products

After investing in your skin with our treatments, invest in good quality medical skin care products.  These products have higher percentages of active ingredients than you can purchase anywhere else. These active ingredients are the key to improve the quality and the look of your skin. Protect your investment. 


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