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Eye Lash Lift & Tint

Is eyelash extensions not you're cup of tea? Get you're eyes a luscious and fuller look by giving a Lift service to you're eyelashes. The tint enhances the tips of the lashes and when both these services are applied the lashes appear longer.


Lash Lift service is an equally effective alternative and less painful then lash extension. These lashes beautifully curl upwards and creates a universally desired “open eye” look. You're natural lashes are glued up with a pigment which perms you're lash and makes it look thicker by applying tint to it, this beauty service takes an hour to give a desired lash.


Steps To Be Performed After Getting A Lash Lift:-

  • Keep you're face away from hot water for two days of the beauty treatment.

  • Avoid steaming you're face or using oily makeup removals in the initial days of the lash lift treatment.

  • You can wear mascara and go for you're daily routine

  • Maintain a skin regime for you're eyes and brow area to avoid wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines.

  • Use a soft brush to curl you're eyebrows.

  • Lash lift Las Vegas is a popular trend and is increasing in young lads as the celebs are flaunting there eye makeups and lashes. Thus give a natural height to you're eyelash and get a fabulous lashes.

No eyelash curler will give you this outcome and the size of the pad is adjusted as per you're curling requirement. This service saves you're makeup minutes and gives you mesmerizing eyes, it makes you're eyes look bigger and rounder. If their is one beauty look you will get obsessed with is luscious lashes it is way more cheaper tactic then lash extension.

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