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Hair Removal

Ancient  Art  Of  Threading




Threading is gentle and very effective for removing and tidying facial hair, particularly eyebrows. Hairs are removed with cotton thread using special techniques. Targeting each hair from the root, it offers a clean and defined finish that's ideal for sensitive skin, and because its so precise, produces amazing results. Threading is for all facial parts: eyebrows, lips, chin, sides of face, forehead and even a neck. Regular threading sessions results in lesser and finer hair growth!


Eyebrow Threading – All you need to know

Eyebrow threading is an ancient method, which has been practiced for centuries among Asia’s most beautiful women. It is considered the leading alternative to tweezing and waxing, particularly for those who have sensitive skin. Unlike other hair-removal methods, threading doesn’t remove a skin layer, which may leave your skin susceptible to sun damage. Amongst the least invasive techniques of hair removal, eyebrow threading produces a graceful eyebrow with well-defined, clean edges that frame your eye.


Here at Fab Skin Center, a threading expert will take a thin cotton thread and will twist it into a double strand that is then swept along your skin. With rhythmic movements, the undesired hair get secured in the thread and are lifted from the hair follicle with finesse and precision. The treatment is finalized by applying soothing rose water or an aloe vera gel in order to close the pores and decrease swelling or redness.


Eyebrow Shaping: Why we recommend it ?

We recommend eyebrow threading because of its superiority. This eastern hair-removal method involves reduced discomfort and eliminates any chance of contact with other rather uncomfortable hair-removal methods. With the threading technique, the hair is effectively removed from its root, so there is less chance of the ‘grow back factor’. This ultimately extends the period of time between visits to the salon, which saves time, money & maintenance. Plus, due to its associated precision, threaders can hone their own artistry, producing perfect eyebrows for one’s unique face shape and personality.

Additional benefits of eyebrow shaping include:

Other hair removal methods can pull, stretch, tug on and peel off a skin layer. This harsh treatment may facilitate wrinkle development. With threading, you won’t experience any of that. You’ll just look refreshed, smooth and hair-free!

Less time-consuming and messy.

Completely natural. No artificial chemicals or invasive techniques.

Hair doesn’t grow back quickly.

Skin doesn’t usually get irritated or red.

With time, hair will become finer & more sparse.

100% suitable for sensitive skin.

Inexpensive alternative to laser.

Amount of treatments for Eyebrow Threading?

An easy 10-minute procedure that is performed every 2 - 4 weeks will keep you looking incredible. If you are lucky, you may even be able to continue longer in between visits. Ultimately, it largely depends on your body. If you have required waxing treatments more frequently than others, then the same will usually be true with eyebrow threading.

Aftercare treatment for Eyebrow Threading ?

It is normal for the treated skin to get a bit red after your treatment, particularly in those with sensitive skin. However, there’s no need to worry, as the redness should usually disappear within an hour.

After treatment, we will apply rose water or cream. If the skin redness is still present after one hour, then we advise to apply a cold compress over your treated area.

Avoid for 12 hours (post-treatment) the following: sauna/swimming, perfumed products and fragrances, cosmetics and makeup, touching the treated skin area, sunbed.

In order to maintain your new great eyebrow shape, make sure to visit us within 2 to 4 weeks in order to have an eyebrow ‘tidy-up’.

Finally, throw those tweezers away! You’ll be so glad with the results provided by threading, that you’ll probably stick to this method forever.



                                                                   Waxing Services



Fab Skin Center offers waxing services in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere. All waxing                       services include a skin analysis and consultation by our licensed estheticians. 





Full Face



Half Arm

Upper Back/Shoulder


Full Back

Half Leg

Full Leg

Men’s Full Leg


Gluteal Waxing



Men’s Brazilian

Men’s Brazilian with Glutes


Waxing services with a range in pricing are dependent on the amount of hair and size of surface area for treatment. Esthetician will assess and price service during consultation of first appointment for new clients.

For all body waxing, the hair growth must be between 1/4″ (a quarter inch)-1/2″ (a half inch) in length for ultimate results. Leg Waxing requires a minimum of 6-8 weeks of growth to achieve  maximum results.

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