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This message is to inform you that Fab Skin Centers Halloween Event has been cancelled, due to an outage in the Farmington Hills area. Unfortunately by 10:00 pm Dte couldn't give a time frame for resolution. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we look forward to seeing you, at our next event.

Thank you ,

Fab Skin Center



                                                          Fab Skin Centers

                                                     Annual Halloween Event 

                     Come enjoy Games , Vendors, Refreshments , & Spa Services.

                                         Costumes are not required but welcomed

                                                        Services Offered


                    Chemical Peels / Mani & Pedi / Make Up / Chair  Massage / Waxing



                                                     Special Guest - Psychic Medium


        Our Special Guest Lea Mittel Psychic Medium will be availble                                                                          for 30 min. sessions by RSVP Only.  (Fee $70) She is worth it.

       To Schedule a Reading Session with Lea (RSVP is REQUIRED.) 



                                                  Hosts  * Sponsors * Vendors


                 The Peacock Room   * Day of  Joy Day Spa *   Massage by Maureen

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