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We offer several chemical peel options to correct a variety of skin irregularities and the normal signs of aging. The essential function of a chemical peel is to dissolve the connection holding dead cells together on the surface of the skin and to reveal  smoother, healthier, and clearer more youthful looking skin. Chemical peels help to correct sun-damage, aging, acne blemishes, hyperpigmentation, melisma, or poor elasticity. Depending upon your skin condition, age and lifestyle, we may recommend either a light, medium or deep chemical peel. An aesthetic consultation is required to determine which chemical peel is best for you!


Glo Therapeutics Chemical Peels Include:


Glo Enzyme Peel

The Glo Enzyme peel is specifically geared for clients with sensitive and/or reactive skin. This is a great beginner peel that can be done on a regular basis. GloEnzyme will treat dehydrated, photo-damaged, aging skin and minimal acne. Featuring an exfoliant with fruit enzymes and salicylic acid help break down dead cells for smoother skin.

  Glowing Skin is a Result of Proper    Skin Care. It Means You Can Wear  less makeup & Let Skin Shine Through.


Glo Jessner Peel

The Glo Jessner Peel is a synergy of effective acids that help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation conditions such as: Melasma, Chloasma, photo-aging, freckles, acne scarring, and mild cases of Rosacea. The Glo Jessner Peel will smooth skin texture, retain moisture, reduce hyperpigmentation, help retain collagen structure and alleviate inflammation.


Glo Salicylic Peel

An antiseptic , anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial exfoliant that deeply cleanses pores, heals acne, and rejuvenates the skin. An excellent treatment for grade II and III acne, sun damaged, hyperpigmentation and aging skin. This treatment smoothes and improves texture with anti-acne and anti-irritant properties with Cranberry Extract, BioAstin, the Glo Signature complex and two Glo Signature Serums.

                Chemical peels can be done on the face, neck, or hands.

              They can be used to:


              Reduce fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth

              Treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging

              Improve the appearance of mild scars

              Treat certain types of acne

              Reduce age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma)                                                                                                     due to pregnancy or taking birth control pills

              Improve the look and feel of skin

Glo Glycolic Peel 

The Glo Glycolic Peel is a chemical exfoliant that promotes the repair and regeneration of the skin. It improves the appearance of aging and uneven textures and tone. The Glo Glycolic Peel contains antioxidants that preserve the skins’ natural moisturizing capabilities, strengthen capillaries and are anti-inflammatory.

Is Glo Chemical Peels for you?

Chemical peels are not for everyone. For example, people who are in poor general health should not get peels. Also, active infections and certain medications (i.e. isotretinoin (Accutane)) may preclude the use of certain types of chemical peels, especially medium and deep. Sometimes, people with abnormal scarring, certain skin diseases, or recent surgeries should not have a chemical peel. You and your esthetician will decide if chemical peels are safe for you. Fab Skin Center uses all glotherapeutics for all our chemical peels for the best possible outcome. Since we are a medical spa, we  use medical grade products that can only  be used in facilities with a medical director. 

Pre - procedure instructions :

Avoid using any alpha hydroxy acid product (such as glycolic or lactic acid) or salicylic acid product  for 12 hours.Discontinue use of Retin-A or other topical acne medications for 24 hours.Women: Avoid waxing, electrolysis or other methods of hair removal for a minimum of 48 hours  (preferably 3 to 5 days). Men: Do not shave immediately before your peel.


Post-procedure instructions:

Do not apply any skin care product or makeup to your face (except for lipstick and eye makeup) for three hours after your peel. After this time period, you may use a moisturizer.

Avoid using alpha hydroxy acid products (such as glycolic or lactic acid) or salicylic acid products until the day after your peel. Avoid using Retin-A or other topical acne medications until the day after your peel.

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  Get the Glow

All Skin Types Need Exfoliation For Healthy Glowing Look




Glo Therapeutics chemical peels are a revolutionary breakthrough in chemical exfoliation treatments. This systematic approach is based on established research in combination with new scientific discoveries. These chemical peels contain unique and advanced formulations providing potent concentrations with high levels of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin.


Glo Therapeutics chemical peels provide the ability to customize treatments for each individual client to achieve subtle, gradual or astonishing transformations. These chemical peels will help properly exfoliate the skin while repairing, rebuilding and renewing to assist during the healing and regeneration process.

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